Celebrities With Great Skin Always Go Back to These 4 Facials

We’re fairly certain celebrities aren’t born with glowing skin—surely they have their struggles like the rest of us. But we’re also sure they have more help on their side when it comes to busting acne, tightening pores, smoothing things out and generally looking brighter than even the most Facetuned mortal. With an array of facialists, expensive products and […]

The Cult Moisturisers That Meghan, Rosie and VB Actually Use

A good cleanser might be the foundation to any successful skincare routine but finding the right moisturiser can take your skin to the next level. While celebrities might have access to the very best facials and skincare experts in the business, there’s no doubt that most of the A-list have seriously good skin—and I think that a lot of that will be down to the moisturiser […]

Stella McCartney: ‘I’m incredibly hygienic, but I’m not a fan of dry cleaning. Or any cleaning’

The fashion designer speaks about her new Beatles inspired range, Kate Moss and her ‘rock passion’ Stella McCartney at Hyde Park in London this week where Bob Dylan and Neil Young performed onstage. Photograph: John Phillips/Getty Images I am standing in the Old Bond Street headquarters of Stella McCartney’s fashion empire, waiting to interview the […]